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Self-service kiosks for rail

The challenge


The challenge

Send travellers to the front of the line

Long ticket lines can be frustrating to those travelling by rail during peak times, especially when they are in a hurry to get to their destination. Self-service kiosks for rail from IBM provide an alternative to travellers. Passengers can view schedules instantly. Purchase tickets conveniently. Check in quickly. And by allowing passengers to bypass the ticket counter, lines are shorter for those who prefer to speak directly to a customer representative.


The solution


The solutions

Speed problem resolution

We can provide a kiosk solution that is tailored to your rail operation's specific needs. In addition to providing the hardware, we can fully manage your self-service solution. Our kiosks provide an instrumented solution with sensors that monitor connectivity and printer faults. Diagnostic reports are automatically sent by e-mail in the event of a failure to speed problem resolution. Kiosks also collect important data about your passengers and their activities and preferences. By interconnecting this data with your existing systems and databases, you can gain a clearer view of the travellers moving through your stations. Analytical reports can provide the intelligence you need to make more informed decisions about routes, schedules, loyalty programmes, staffing and resource allocation.


The benefits


The benefits

Improve efficiencies and satisfaction

Self-service kiosks can help you handle more travellers on your railway, while freeing your employees to provide more value-added services. Kiosks improve the efficiency of ticketing in your stations by allowing passengers to bypass check-in lines and get onto their trains in minimal time with maximum satisfaction. Kiosks can:


The specifics


The specifics

Install a customised kiosk solution

We offer a variety of kiosk solutions for the rail industry, including free-standing and countertop kiosks, as well as IBM AnyPlace™ Kiosks which are ultra compact all-in-one units. Depending on the specific needs of your rail operation, we can install kiosks with the following features:

Our self-service kiosks for rail are also durable and spill resistant, built to withstand daily use and rough handling. The parts that comprise our kiosks are designed to be field-replaced rather than field-serviced to minimise kiosk downtime. And use of non-proprietary hardware means you have options for upgrades.



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