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Conserve energy. Consolidate resources. Make information secure and available whenever and wherever it's needed. Think outside the data centre.

It's time to think about more intelligent ways to handle the 15 petabytes of new information we generate each day, and the massive increase of connected devices we use to work with that data. Optimising for the remarkably diverse workloads managed by businesses, organisations and governments.

It's time for a platform designed for efficient, effective computing in wide open other words, everywhere. That's what the IBM Cloud is all about.

A series of conversations for a smarter planet


Some behind-the-scenes conversations with IBMers about cloud computing


Episode 1: IBM's unique advantage
Identifying the specific economic drivers of cloud computing in today's business environment.

Episode 2: Transitioning to cloud
Cloud managers discuss IBM's unique capabilities to provide a bridge from existing IT models to cloud computing.

Episode 3: Behind IBM Smart Business development & test
Addressing development and test team needs, and driving ever-greater cloud functionality with IBM's powerful hardware.

Episode 4: The changing role of system administrator
Cloud's streamlined administrative capabilities mean time savings and greater efficiency.

Episode 5: An enterprise viewpoint
Why IBM is uniquely qualified to deliver cost-effective cloud solutions to the enterprise.

Episode 6: Meeting tomorrow's IT challenges
Meeting IT delivery needs in a world of shrinking IT budgets and unprecedented data creation.


Cloud computing: Reduces IT labour costs by up to 50%; Improves capital utilisation by 75% and reduces provisioning from weeks to minutes. Souce: IBM CTO for Cloud Computing, Kristof Kloeckner

The benefits of cloud computing — accessing data and applications stored on remote hardware by way of the Internet instead of keeping it all in your local workstation — still requires a leap of logic for many. But now that a workstation can go anywhere as a smartphone, a stripped-down netbook, or even an e-book reader, it's practically a virtual desktop operating in conjunction with a virtual server anyway. If the user can be anywhere, so can the source for data and applications.

The cloud equation adds in the flexibility to scale bandwidth up or down at will and the affordability of pay-as-you-go service, and subtracts energy-devouring hardware from your local environment. Factor in the IBM security and experience that go into each of its industry-leading global cloud computing centres and myriad enterprise private clouds. The result: an instrumented, interconnected, intelligent approach to smarter computing.


Plan, build and deliver with the IBM Cloud

With IBM's enterprise class cloud computing capabilities, you have the trusted partner to help you assess cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points.

Cloud readiness assessment, ROI and migration strategies should be clear as you embark on the cloud journey. IBM offers a host of services such as IBM Strategy and Change Services for Cloud Adoption (US) and IBM Strategy and Design Services for Cloud Infrastructure (US) to help develop a cloud roadmap.

Accelerate your application development and test efforts with the IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud. Realise cost savings and faster time to value in your private cloud environment. Provide anytime, anywhere access to applications, information and resources with the IBM Smart Desktop Cloud (US).

Unleash employee potential with world-class social networking services and on-line collaboration tools including file sharing, web conferencing and instant messaging with IBM LotusLive™ Collaboration Suite. Then protect your valuable data with IBM Information Protection Services, a managed backup cloud service.

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing
A new era of responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency in IT service delivery