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Every day brings business a new set of rules, challenges and opportunities

New possibilities and competitors can arise from anywhere in the world. Technologies advance, and processes and systems have to evolve to keep up. Yet another social media site or cutting-edge application emerges, giving consumers and prospects new ways to research purchases, learn about a company and share experiences.

So how can an organization anticipate, adapt and respond to whatever complexity the global economy, competition and changing technologies present? Meet escalating expectations head-on and find success in a world that never sleeps? Develop the flexibility to embrace change and thrive in a world where the rules change every day?

The key is business agility.


Cutting through complexity with business agility
Learn from the CEOs of successful, agile companies


IBM Business Agility

The path to business transformation

Whether expanding activities into the cloud or establishing a social media presence, new ways to optimize operations are fast becoming competitive requirements. New ways to reach and retain customers—from personalized services to mobile availability—have to be delivered quickly, securely and, ideally, before customers even know they want them.

To act with agility, organizations have to increase communication and collaboration, and improve decision-making processes. Business process management (BPM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) can power a flexible, dynamic, cloud-ready infrastructure. Analytics also plays a key role in pulling more effective information from mountains of raw data, and making that information work in ways beyond the abilities of our human brains, or IT systems from just a year ago.


Turning uncertainty into opportunity

IBM business agility solutions enable organizations to adapt to market changes efficiently and securely, as proven in thousands of customer engagements. We offer a prescriptive approach for assessing and implementing projects in BPM, SOA, decision management, connectivity and integration, cloud computing, virtualization and application infrastructure.


After the 2004 attacks on Madrid's commuter rail system, coordination of the city's three first-responder agencies—police, fire and medical—was brought together in an innovative emergency command center using IBM Business Process Management software and service-oriented architecture. Now every emergency call is processed and followed through the center for the most appropriate dispatch, reducing response time by more than 25 percent.

The University of Bari created a cloud computing environment to help local communities and businesses in southern Italy. In one project, they used the IBM cloud environment to integrate input from sensors, GPS data, and private and public information. Now fishermen use mobile devices to determine real-time market prices and complete their transactions while still at sea.

A Web-based process automation solution employing business rules has enabled Australian government agency WorkSafe Victoria to input and process worker accident invoices up to three times faster using IBM ILOG software in the WebSphere suite.

Complexity should not be viewed as a burden to be avoided; we see it as a catalyst and an accelerator to create innovation and new ways of delivering value. - Juan ramon Alaix, President, Pfizer Animal Helath - IBM 2010 Global CEO Study