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Water Management

Whether too much or not enough, the world needs a smarter way to think about water management.

IBM's Interest in Water

IBM Advanced Water Management solutions address the challenges of water efficiency, ageing infrastructure and increased demand for proactive water-related risk management by leveraging all of the benefits of smarter automation and digitisation. We enable strategic information management solutions and intelligent infrastructures to support the management of entire natural water systems, levee systems, water infrastructure, water utilities, and water treatment facilities.

Our Smarter Water Solutions

Information Management: Our solutions help manage, protect, process and analyse unprecedented volumes of structured and unstructured data —creating insight that drives innovation and business optimisation

Asset Management:Single software platform for managing assets that is designed for transmission and distribution in water, gas and electric utilities. It can help manage important aspects of each asset’s life cycle, including acquisition, work management, inventory control, purchasing, facilitate regulatory compliance & proactively manage asset performance.

Predictive Analytics:Utilising leading edge algorithms, advanced mathematic assets, methods, and capabilities to translate large data streams into predictive insights.

Visualisation & Modelling: Converting data into compelling and revealing graphical images.

Process Transformation: Intelligent and innovative ways to create, execute, and optimise business processes throughout entire operations. It delivers a true end-to-end process performance visibility.

Open Standards: Helping governments and industries move toward greater openness and innovation through open reference architectures and standards.


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