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The nature of retailing has changed. Everything from when, where, and how people shop to who makes the purchasing decisions in any given household. From time pressures to channel threats, from tighter inventories to faster delivery times, the changes have been both widespread in their scope and deep in their organisational impact.

Business Intelligence

Leverage information to pinpoint profitable opportunities. Business intelligence (BI) solutions help you capture, analyse, warehouse and mine customer, sales and product information – from point of sale to online catalogues – so you can transform information into profits.

Customer Relationship Management

Strengthen customer loyalty, and you can improve your bottom line. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help you cost-effectively improve customer service and maximise sales opportunities at different stages of the customer shopping experience.


Evolving your Web presence can help increase sales, wallet share and revenue. Retail e-commerce solutions can help you provide customers with a superior shopping experience, and cost effective fulfilment and tracking, that can increase customer loyalty and attract new sales.

Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS)

Automate and integrate business processes, and you can help to reduce operational costs, improve revenue, time to market, and improve information sharing. Enterprise application solutions (EAS) enable the automation of your entire retail enterprise.

POS / Kiosk

Enable real-time information sharing across your enterprise, and give your employees the tools to be able to work at peak efficiency to ensure exceptional customer service. POS solutions are built for reliability and long life, and can withstand high volume, spills, heat and other exposures.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Faced with a spate of security breaches, the major card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others, introduced security criteria, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, designed to enhance payment account data security.

IBM PCI solutions support your efforts to evaluate your current readiness for PCI assessments, remediate findings, and implement strong controls to help you maintain a consistent PCI compliance environment.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Enable real-time information sharing across your enterprise, and employees to work at peak efficiency to ensure exceptional customer service.


Wireless solutions can help your retail business maximise connectivity and productivity with broad access to multiple applications and locations, providing real-time access to inventory, pricing and product information.