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Smart Grid

A smarter grid is transparent, accessible, resilient. And optimized from the user on up.

IBM Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) Communications Services

The challenge

Developing a communications network that will enable a smarter grid

In an ever challenging business and regulatory environment, utilities require a robust and secure end-to-end communications network to interconnect with its grid participants and provide the intelligence to continuously balance a more complex and dynamic supply-demand equation and ensure secure delivery of electricity. As your grid transitions over time from a one-way energy supply chain to that of a participatory electricity network, IBM can help you plan, design and implement a scalable and secure utility communications network.


The solution

An end-to-end smart grid communications network

Developing and enabling pervasive smart grid communications can be challenging. To help support your smart grid operations, IBM Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) Communications Services focus on network scalability and security—enabling you to gain better visibility over your electricity grid, its intelligent devices and its participants in order to improve efficiency, reliability, security, and customer satisfaction. Designed to interconnect your grid participants across instrumented elements, IUN Communication Services can enable the intelligence needed to balance the dynamic supply and demand of energy delivery.

Our solution helps drive pervasive communications, based on your specific requirements for current and future utility operations. As part of the IBM Intelligent Utility Network Solution for smarter grids, the IBM IUN Communications Services offering can help your utility with strategy, development and deployment of a secure and scalable communications network. IBM offers a consultative and technology-neutral approach to help develop the appropriate communications network strategy to support your utility’s operations. Our design, integration and deployment services are supported by a strong and growing partner ecosystem and reference architecture. IBM’s smart grid network consultants, architects, and project managers focus on solving complex communications networking challenges unique to utilities and leverage project delivery methods, accelerators and tools to help expedite delivery and mitigate project risk. This offering is further supported by our software, hardware and services capabilities in network monitoring, security and asset management.


The benefits

Enables smart grid functionality and improves utility operations

IBM IUN communications network services are designed to help you:



The specifics

Talk the talk with a smart communications solution

IBM IUN Communications Services include: