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Retail analytics to deliver customer insights

The challenge

Anticipating customer preferences

The influx of data from a growing number of consumer touchpoints, complexity in understanding the business through a customer lens, increasing competition, and rapidly shifting consumer preferences pose serious challenges to your business. To stay ahead of competition, you need to provide a compelling customer experience across touchpoints, deliver higher quality products and services and drive profitable growth. These call for new methods and tools in information management.


The solution

Leveraging analytics

Data warehouse applications and analytics tools from IBM can seamlessly integrate information across channels, enabling you to gain a richer and more actionable understanding of your customer. This knowledge can be embedded into your marketing, sales and service functions to shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach. With these insights, you can engage in more personalized customer interactions across touchpoints to create an emotional response that can drive loyalty, sales and profits.

Using advance and predictive analytics techniques, you can understand customer preferences, track behavioral changes and identify trends. An analysis of purchasing trends, demographics and other behavioral data helps you determine individual customer’s likely future purchases so you can tailor your product promotions. We help you anticipate demand for specific merchandise, so you can better tailor store-level assortments, optimize inventory, and personalize stores and channel experiences to suit local needs.


The benefits

Leverage the power of social media

We help you shift from a product-centered to a customer-centered retail unit by combining business intelligence, predictive analytics and performance management software. This helps you to:


The specifics

Retail industry-specific solution