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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Cloud computing for regional and local governments

Cloud computing for regional and local governments from IBM enables you to effectively address concerns of efficiency, security and transparency within and among local governments. Our cost-effective cloud solutions improve flexibility and security in your IT management, while using advanced analytics for greater transparency.

Cloud computing solutions for federal governments

Helps support agency missions by delivering elastic computing solutions with virtualized server environments, which can reduce costs and provide enterprise-class security to enable potentially higher levels of risk protection.

Cyber security solutions

Threats to the sensitive information your agency possesses can come from a variety of sources—malicious employees, hackers, and even organized terrorists or nation-states. Cyber security solutions from IBM can help you harness the power of technology to protect your critical Internet applications and data by preventing, detecting and responding to IT attacks caused by cyber crime.

Customs, immigration and border management

In today's world, effective identity management is paramount for customs, immigration and border management. IBM can deliver a smarter approach that enables quick and accurate identity information exchange, while also protecting the privacy of citizens' personal information.

Federal cloud collaboration services

Federal cloud collaboration services provide access to social collaboration tools to improve business efficiency. Hosted in a cloud environment dedicated to the government, our services feature industry-leading web tools for email and instant messaging, web meetings, social networking and support for mobile devices.

Geographic information systems for government from IBM and ESRI

Enhance asset management with a holistic view of assets and their locations. Improve public safety and emergency response. Better manage water and land resources. Geographic information systems (GIS) for government from IBM and ESRI are designed to collect, manage and analyze geospatial data to help you address modern governing challenges.

IBM Defense Operations Platform

Armed forces must adapt to a rapidly evolving, increasingly dynamic and complex operational environment. They need to prepare to defend against a wide range of threats with the newest and most efficient technologies available. IBM can help defense organizations quickly deploy a mission platform, and new mission services and applications.

IBM Security Solutions for government

Global cybersecurity threats are on the rise. With the intensity and sophistication of attacks increasing, governments around the world are making protection a top priority. IBM Security Solutions for government can provide a multi-tiered strategy to help you meet the challenges of securing today’s cyberstructures.

IBM Traffic Prediction Tool

The IBM® Traffic Prediction Tool uses historical and current, real-time traffic data to anticipate future trends. This can help traffic controllers anticipate congestion and institute ways to better control it. Make traffic and public transit systems flow more smoothly. Deliver more capacity to meet growing demand.

Identity services platform for government

To more effectively serve your constituents, it is critical to know who they are. Your agency needs a smarter way to verify identities of those you serve and to assure the reliability of their records. The identity services platform for government from IBM delivers advanced capabilities to identify, evaluate, and enroll eligible persons and assure the accuracy of their identity records.

Integrated fare management for transportation

Public transportation agencies are challenged to find ways to increase convenience, improve the travel experience and lower costs. Integrated fare management from IBM can help achieve these goals with an automated revenue collection system that uses smart cards to pay for railways, subways, buses and even parking garages.

Performance management for government

Governments face more challenges than ever when delivering high-quality service for the best value. Tighter budgets. Greater demand for services. Asset maintenance. Ever increasing data. The answer: smarter performance management from IBM.

Public safety

Effective public safety depends on collaboration and reliable communications. Public safety solutions from IBM create a reliable way to keep all agencies in touch, whether securing people, data, property and infrastructure; solving crimes; or dealing with natural or man-made disasters.

Tactical data links for defense

Military operations rely on rapid exchanges of accurate tactical information. But the complexity of defense coalitions and information exchange requirements is on the rise. The tactical data links solution for defense can enable friendly units such as ships, submarines, aircraft and land-based units to safely communicate.


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