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Smarter consumer payments solutions from IBM

The challenge

Need to reinvent the payments model

Evolving trends in the payments market indicate a growing consumer preference for electronic transactions, making a case for reinventing traditional payments business models. Increasing consumer-centricity, tighter fee margins, changing regulations, prevalence of fraud and competition from emerging payments channels like social media further underscore the need for that. The complexity and inflexibility of your banking operations and infrastructure may pose significant challenges to accomplishing this task.


The solution

More efficient payments processes

Smarter consumer payments solutions from IBM can help you progressively transform your payments operations and adopt a more agile, security-rich and consumer-centric payments model. We help integrate multiple payments channels to enable greater connectivity and flexibility in your payments environment, supporting faster response times to consumer and market needs. Our solutions include integrated risk management, fraud detection, regulatory reporting and data optimization capabilities, helping facilitate more efficient and consumer-oriented processes and services.


The benefits

Flexibility and consumer-centricity

Our solutions help facilitate improved flexibility and speed-to-market by enabling a more efficient payments business model. We can help you enable a consumer-centric payments process using advanced analytics and data optimization features. Our solutions can provide automated regulatory reporting, fraud detection and robust risk-analysis capabilities to help you proactively prevent financial crimes, reduce operational risk and manage compliance issues.


The specifics

Integrated payments platform

We can provide a comprehensive range of capabilities to help consolidate your payments systems and processes into a centralized, integrated and interlinked platform. Our offering features:

  • Near-real-time payments and regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Advanced social-media content analytics and data-optimization capabilities
  • Integrated user-interface portal and automated fraud detection framework



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