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Mobile banking and payments solutions

The challenge

Enabling transactions on the go

A mobile banking and payments solution can help you capitalize on the shift and growth of mobile-payments users and accelerate customer adoption. You need a low-cost platform that can handle high volumes of transactions and requires minimal up-front capital expenditures. You also need a trusted platform that can deal effectively with the multiple stakeholders involved in the mobile commerce ecosystem. Further, you want to reduce operational risk and improve responsiveness to changing customer and regulatory requirements.


The solution

Extending the value

Mobile banking and payments solutions from IBM can provide a comprehensive platform to help enable banks, retailers and communications service providers to find new revenue sources. Leveraging cloud technology, we help enable faster, less expensive, safer and more accessible mobile banking and payments services. Our broad, interoperable mobile payments solution can help reduce operational costs and better align your income from mobile transactions with operating costs. A robust, security-rich platform can handle high volumes of transactions, enhance responsiveness and help enable distribution networks through a shared infrastructure.


The benefits

Helping you monetize mobile transactions

Our mobile money solutions enable you to leverage new business opportunities from the rapidly growing pool of mobile users. Our solutions can help you deliver a compelling mobile money service through the ability to:


The specifics

Helping reduce cost and complexity

Whether you are in a mature market or an emerging market, we can help you provide a safer, more accessible mobile commerce experience for your customers. At the same time, our solutions provide you with a comprehensive platform designed to hide complexity and lower your operational risks. We offer:



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