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Customer information solutions for banking

The challenge

Keeping up with demand

Managing the increasing growth of innovative, customized financial products with dynamic pricing while also addressing a growing number of new channels requires a more predictive marketing strategy and dynamic customer relationship management capability. To foster organic growth, banks need to facilitate an integrated data source that is available in a near-real-time flow of information to all touch points as it delivers a consistent customer experience. Banks also need the ability to quickly act on revenue-generating opportunities and identify fraudulent events to help reduce the risk of losses while better managing regulatory compliance.


The solution

Integrating data across multiple channels

Customer information solutions for banking from IBM can help you provide a more consistent and personalized customer experience across multiple channels by integrating data and streamlining processes. Sophisticated analytics and data mining tools can deliver valuable insights on improving customer profitability and combating fraud by helping identify potentially fraudulent transactions in near real-time. By integrating IT systems and data sources, we can help you create a more flexible and trusted data platform for improving decision making while gaining cost-efficiencies. A unified approach to customer data management can make your organization more agile and prepared to address new market opportunities, business models and partnerships.


The benefits

Enabling an enhanced customer experience

Customer information solutions for banking from IBM can help you:

  • Deliver streamlined operations with a single, integrated view of customer information
  • Enhance the customer experience through integrated applications and more personalized, consistent service across touch points
  • Drive profitability and reduce fraud through predictive analytics


The specifics

Delivering more consistent information

Our customer information solutions can allow banks to more efficiently and effectively provide an outstanding experience to customers at all times. These solutions can provide capabilities for:

  • Channel integration: Integrate data repositories, channels and applications to help enable a more consistent, personalized, multichannel experience.
  • Process optimization: Streamline and optimize processes to help reduce redundancy, improve flexibility and enhance the flow of near real-time information to virtually all touch points.
  • Gaining valuable insights: Leverage sophisticated analytics and data mining tools that can deliver deeper insights for improving customer profitability and identifying potentially fraudulent transactions.



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