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Social Business

People don’t do business with companies.
People do business with people.
Here is why―and how—to become a Social Business.

A social business optimises interactions between people to gain a competitive advantage.

By removing barriers, a social business allows people to apply expertise and insights that improve and accelerate results across business functions, including:

Customer care and insight
Build customer advocacy by understanding, reaching, attracting and retaining more customers through online channels.


See how Signature Mortgage cut costs and reduced loan-processing time from an average of seven days to just 24 hours.

Slumberland Furniture uses a portal to converge technologies and connect employees, delivering a consistent brand experience and empowering individual stores.


Product and service innovation
Bring successful new products to market more expediently by understanding and aligning to customer needs.


Newly Weds Foods turns team rooms and collaboration tools into a recipe for success.

CEMEX uses an internal social network to speed product development and collaboration.


Workforce optimisation
Improve the effectiveness of people by enabling the right talent to come together at the right times.


Russell’s Convenience reduces travel and shipping costs with collaboration.

Sogeti built a collaborative platform called Teampark to share best practices.