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The new rules of commerce

What is a smarter planet? The answer starts with you. And I. Here's how we grow more instrumented, intelligent and interconnected.
Smarter computing. IBM PureSystems. Simplicity in IT: hard to achieve? Not any more. Here's why.(UK)
Smarter buildings. Designing from the earth up. They use 70 percent of our energy. It’s about time buildings got smarter.
Smarter analytics.The edge of information Insights,not inundation,from dramatic inflows of data.Here's how.
Video gallery. Where there's room for ideas people are thinking smarter. Watch and learn how.
Security and resilience  The worst risk is an unanticipated risk  Find out how to be prepared and protect vulnerabilites
Smarter Planet in action  Your smile is a turn-on for this auto-response headset. Watch the video.
A Smarter Planet blog. Universal knowledge. Read what Smarter Planet bloggers are saying today
Conversation. People for a Smarter Planet. easy to Like. Join us on Facebook. Tweets that matter. Follow Smarterplanet on Twitter. Get a smarter smart phone. Check out these mobile apps. Conversations. People for a Smarter Planet.easy to Like.Join us on Facebook. Tweets That matter 。Follow@smarterplanet on Twitter.  Get a smarter smart phone Check out these mobile apps.