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A service revolution driven by innovation

Modern medicine wouldn't be very modern without smarter services. Mobile trading and banking, email you can download in-flight and video on demand wouldn't even exist. All rely on a mix of intelligent products that are interconnected through information technology to deliver innovative services in new ways.

Today's smarter services are changing the ways we communicate, collaborate and interact. Transforming the way service is delivered and consumed. Helping to reinvent entire industry business models.

Service innovations are occurring in virtually every industry. For example:

Love those apps for smartphones and mobile devices? Innovations conceived by wireless providers collaborating across industries enable new possibilities for both business and consumers—and help create new opportunities for revenue and differentiation in the process.

Getting lost or stranded helplessly in your car is turning into a thing of the past. Embedded sensors, communication systems, and GPS tracking can provide you with directions or automatically inform roadside assistance teams of your exact location—and dispatch help immediately and precisely. New technologies teamed up with cutting-edge services deliver entirely new ways to save time—and lives.

Smarter services that enable a range of new technologies are increasing daily: Automated ticket kiosks in airports for near-instant check-in. Electronic medical records and imaging for immediate insight into patient health through handheld devices. RFID tags on packages, luggage and parts that enable effective tracking and delivery.

Service innovation is about more than competitive advantage and revenue. On a smarter planet, it's about transforming the way we live and work and improving the human condition—one person, one city, one nation at a time.

Enabling service innovation
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The challenge of innovation

To capitalize on opportunities for service innovation, providers must address:

  • Client expectations of "any time, anywhere" access from web and mobile devices with optimal quality
  • Greater complexity of managing interconnected products and information technology that deliver these services
  • Increased risk in storing and managing the massive amounts of data these services generate, in a way that is secure and compliant

The real challenge is in defining a vision for service innovation, and putting together the right plan to successfully execute on it.

Some organizations simply don't know where to begin to provide innovative new services and capitalize on the benefits they promise. Others are ready to accept the challenge, but lack the necessary service delivery mechanisms. Service Management and Delivery solutions from IBM brings together the software, systems, best practices and industry expertise needed to coordinate infrastructure, people and processes throughout the service delivery chain.

Service innovation fuels opportunity on a smarter planet. It enables growth, even in down economies, and helps provide the foundation for improving the way we work, communicate and live. Think about the next time you read your email at 32,000 feet above Earth.

Chart: Innovation requires companies to better understand customer needs. Source: 2010 IBM CEO Study.


$3.5 billion Market opportunity by 2013 for the delivery of smarter services through mobile information appliances like phones, PDAs and Web-enabled tablets. Source: 2010 IBM CEO Study.


Meet the experts

Enabling service innovation

Ivor Macfarlane, IT Service Management Consultant and Trainer

  • About Ivor

    Ivor has been involved with IT Service Management Best Practice since 1989, and is an author and major contributor to ITSM-related books and relevant publications.

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Noah Kuttler, Service Management Marketing

  • About Noah

    Noah Kuttler is a lead for Service Management Marketing at IBM and works to evangelize its benefits to customers worldwide. Prior to joining the Integrated Service Management team, Noah was a launch manager for the Tivoli organization as well as worked in a number of IBM cross brand programs including Governance, Risk & Compliance, Small & Medium Business as well as Deep Computing.

David Ojalvo, Service Management Marketing

  • About David

    David Ojalvo is a lead for Service Management Marketing at IBM. His responsibilities include managing the content on the Smarter Products and Services web sites. Prior to joining the Service Management Marketing team, David was a demand programs lead within IBM Global Financing, and a marcomms project lead for the IBM PC Division and Lenovo.