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What 'smarter' means

Smarter public safety Smarter retail A whole different game Views of a smarter planet,Smarter public safety,Smarter retail,A whole different game,On the streets,in the shops,around the course,it all comes down to what you know:watch the videos.
Views of a smarter planetViews of a smarter planet,the right tools for success: watch the video (00:00:33)
Smarter cities. Calculating the advantages. How to make our cities smarter, by the numbers>
Smarter analytics. The edge of information. Insights, not inundation, from dramatic inflows of data. Here’s how.
Smarter retail. Bakery delights in the crunch of data. Watching weather patterns can have a positive influence on sales
Smarter public safety. Faster first response. When traditional street smarts meet pattern analysis, cities grow safer
A Smarter Planet blog. Universal knowledge.  Read what Smarter Planet bloggers are saying today
People for a Smarter Planet. easy to Like. Join us on Facebook. Tweets that matter. Follow Smarterplanet on Twitter. Get a smarter smart phone. Check out these mobile apps. Conversations People for a Smarter Planet:easy to Like.Join us on Facebook. Tweets that matter.Follow @smarterplanet onTwitter. Get a smarter smart phone.Check out these mobile apps.(US)