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Integrated service management for chemicals and petroleum

The challenge

Silos are fine... for hay

Integrated service management solutions for chemicals and petroleum from IBM offer a unified approach that can improve production and lower costs across your value chain. The key is optimizing the management and performance of assets and infrastructure. At a remote refinery or a centralized production location, we can help boost operational efficiency and integrate critical data across siloed systems, applications and departments to you overcome operational disconnects, excessive risk and incomplete decisions.


The solution

Better information, better operations

Optimizing your operations requires transparency and control across assets and systems, in near-real time. Our solutions can provide the advanced capabilities you need, including software and frameworks to integrate and manage information, services, enterprise assets and security, as well as a policy compliance dashboard and reporting engine. And we can automate your business processes to boost speed and accuracy and share skilled workers' knowledge.

Integrating information and service management across organizational boundaries can help you gain visibility and control, from end to end. Our solutions are designed to incorporate information about each asset and its location into a single view, and to unify the monitoring and management of your assets, workflow, IT infrastructure and inventory.

All this can support better business decisions, using near-real-time intelligence. Our solutions can help you proactively monitor and control resources, systems access, information storage and security. They can also support regulatory compliance with accurate information, lower costs through predictive maintenance and reduce time to market—all while improving safety.


The benefits

Seeing is achieving

We start with an assessment of your operations, including service management strategy and planning. We then customize our solutions to your needs to help you make better business decisions and optimize operations across your global supply chain. This is designed to help you:

  • Improve operating margins through optimal use of business and IT assets.
  • Boost operational efficiencies with increased automation.
  • Facilitate compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.
  • Respond to market fluctuations with greater speed and insight


The specifics

A full toolkit

Our top-shelf software and industry-specific technologies and frameworks can help you integrate, secure and manage your extensive assets. They include:

  • The IBM® Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework (Manage Server Edition and Manage Client Edition), which enhances production, improves asset management and optimizes global operations.
  • IBM Maximo® for Oil and Gas, one of the industry's most complete asset management solution suites.
  • IBM Tivoli® management software:
    • Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager includes centralized log management, event correlation, a policy compliance dashboard and a reporting engine.
    • Tivoli Identity Manager automates internal controls of user access rights.
    • Tivoli Access Manager automates sign-on and access to your enterprise applications.