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Smarter communications

Communication providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here's how they can be smarter.

IBM Service Provider Delivery Environment

The challenge

Support the proliferation of communication

Today, there is constant communication between people and things—phones, cameras, cars, appliances. As the devices and machines we interact with every day become smarter, so must the communications network and infrastructure that support them. IBM has developed a rich portfolio of solutions for communications service providers connected through a powerful software platform—the IBM® Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE). Our framework provides network visibility and control, process automation and business collaboration, and enables solutions that increase your business intelligence and insight.


The solution

Access information for strategic business decisions

The IBM SPDE framework enables communications service providers to integrate, manage and optimize systems for more instrumented operations, collecting data from assets, devices, networks, servers and applications. The framework approach interconnects IT and line-of-business management, bringing together information about service usage, billing, customer care, order management and more. This delivers the intelligence you need to drive efficiencies throughout your business, minimize customer churn, improve average revenue per user (ARPU), explore new businesses like advertising, and use customer intelligence to better manage, target and monetize your customer relationships.


The benefits

Tackle market pressures and demands

Competitive pressures are driving consolidation, evolution from existing to next-generation networks, convergence of fixed and mobile services, and broader service offerings. Being able to respond quickly to these pressures is the key to survival. The IBM SPDE framework can help you:


The specifics

Enable key initiatives

The IBM SPDE framework can help expand your source of innovation and shorten your development cycle. The framework can provide support for business projects in several key areas.