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Smarter communications

Communication providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here's how they can be smarter.

Service innovation for telecommunications

The challenge

Expand your network and improve customer loyalty

The ability to launch competitive new services faster and more cost effectively is a critical success factor for every service provider. Customer expectations are rising. So are their options. Competition is coming from all directions to capture their attention—and their business. The service innovation solution for telecommunications from IBM can help you take a smart approach to business operations, generate revenue through new partnerships and derive more value from your existing network infrastructure.


The solution

Take a smarter approach to new service development and delivery

The service innovation solution is designed to help service providers quickly implement new business models with less investment and integration effort. Our solution can help your company take an instrumented approach to service delivery, using Web 2.0 capabilities to capture consumer and partner information from across the service delivery process. The solution is designed to help service providers model and evaluate new service concepts, increase the flow of new service ideas, and bring up and tear down short-term services and bundles with lower cost and risk.

Using this solution, your business can trial new services in weeks instead of months using both existing and next-generation network capabilities, and enable concurrent transformation projects. Through the use of a flexible service oriented architecture (SOA), we can help you interconnect your operations and enable open collaboration with your customers and partners. By analyzing the customer information you gain across your service delivery platform, you can develop the intelligent insights you need to create personalized, quality services for your customers, including enhanced messaging, content and media services, and user applications. The solution can also help you increase the pipeline of new service ideas using social networking and collaboration, while reducing the cost of innovation. In addition, the solution supports targeted communities with focused services or interests, such as social networks, across multiple networks.


The benefits

Quickly deliver new services

The service innovation solution offers a solid architecture for sustainable revenue and cost advantages that can help:


The specifics

Build a Web 2.0 platform for next-generation service creation

The service innovation solution is enabled by the IBM Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE) which is an open, scalable and flexible industry framework based on SOA. IBM SPDE is horizontally integrated and accelerates the end-to-end service life cycle, including:

The framework includes communications-specific extensions that can significantly accelerate your time to value. The IBM SPDE framework combines the industry knowledge, best practices, software and services you need to bridge the gap between your business and IT requirements. Its open-standards approach and flexible SOA architecture enable you to select best-in-class components from different solutions and vendors based on your business needs. And with the framework1s inherent ability to create and consume SOA services, you can react quickly to changing business requirements. Instead of adding complexity to your infrastructure every time you deploy a new service, the SPDE framework allows you to build an enterprise architecture—one project at a time.