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Smarter communications

Communication providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here's how they can be smarter.

Intelligent site operations for telecommunications

The challenge

The high cost of inefficiency

Reducing operational cost is critical to mobile providers. Passive (non-active) network infrastructures compromise the cost-effectiveness and availability of active operations. Mobile networks represent most of your energy use. But not all energy goes to active components, and passive infrastructures can be highly inefficient. Meanwhile, operational silos hinder integration of data and systems, impairing end-to-end optimization and potentially compromising everything from service availability to regulatory compliance and security.


The solution

Better operations—at a lower cost

The intelligent site operations solution for telecommunications from IBM helps you instrument management of your mobile network passive infrastructure and integrate it with active network management. This can help improve your operations and services, reduce operating and energy costs, increase revenue streams and help you better manage your energy footprint. Our software, sensors and services can help you efficiently manage services and assets, automate processes, and predict and respond to problems.

Efficiently integrating processes is the key. Our asset management software offers life cycle and maintenance control of all assets at a cell site. Our enterprise planning software can establish a single environment to chart your business. And our data integration capabilities can provide cost-saving efficiencies such as maintaining appropriate stock levels or reducing truck rolls by sending out only needed technicians and assets.

With advanced analytics to convert data into actionable business insights, we can help you improve operations and energy use in near-real time; optimize operations that put towers, assets and people where you need them most; plan better, from budgeting to preventive maintenance, and support security and regulatory compliance with reliable data.


The benefits

The payoff

By integrating data and systems across your operations, we can help you:

  • Improve the availability of your services.
  • Reduce operational expenses and improve revenue streams.
  • Intelligently manage your energy and carbon footprint.


The specifics

The best tools for the job

The solution's cutting-edge technologies include:

  • IBM® Tivoli® Integrated Portal, a single-user interface to launch applications and share data.
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool® solutions:
  • Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus operations management software.
  • Tivoli Netcool/Impact, streamlining management of events, alerts, business services and problems.
  • Tivoli Business Systems Manager for IT.
  • IBM Maximo® Asset Management software, providing comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management on a single, unified platform.
  • IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager 7.1 for both call and catalog requests.
  • IBM Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence-reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecards in one service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • IBM WebSphere® ILOG® Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS)-easy, safe, reliable control over automated business decisions.
  • IBM FileNet® platform, unifying management of business processes and workflow.