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Solutions for a more instrumented, interconnected world.

As CMOs embrace the imperatives of a new profession, IBM serves as your premiere partner, with best of breed solutions to help.

Marketing strategy and transformation
The right market and customer strategy can turn customers into advocates, infuse customer interactions across each channel with positive impressions of the company, help engender a feeling of loyalty across the customer base and improve marketing performance.

Customer analytics
Unlock insights to understand and win customers, build loyalty and deliver lifetime value in a profitable manner that helps grow your business. These solutions provide marketers with the right information to make informed and timely decisions, and identify potential opportunities.

Customer experience and engagement
As customers demand better service, more convenience and more relevant and personalized communications, marketers must maximize every interaction to make a positive and consistent impression across all channels to turn them into repeat, loyal customers.

Social marketing and collaboration
The digital revolution provides unprecedented opportunities to engage with your customers and prospects. Social collaboration allows marketers to connect with each as an individual and develop an acute understanding of their preferences by actively listening and engaging in social media. And then leverage this understanding build brand advocacy among your customers.

Marketing performance optimization
Manage your marketing organization, streamlining internal processes and improving marketing decisions by measuring results, tracking performance and guiding future marketing investment decisions.