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Featured case studies

First Tennessee banks on people
Business analytics software helps bank employees get the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Brazil’s largest mobile service provider wanted to personalize messages to its 60 million customers. With an IBM marketing automation solution, they now run 200 campaigns a month by text message, email and telemarketing.

Relevant messages get higher clicks, the Netherlands’ largest online retailer, was able to deliver personalized content and product promotions to their customers, resulting in a 271 percent higher conversion rate—with IBM solutions.

Analytics come to the Chickasaw Nation
The economic arm of this Native American tribe had outgrown their financial systems. An IBM solution reduced unnecessary budgeting work by 50 percent, extended the planning horizon to 24 months, and incorporated a rolling forecast process.

Cablecom reduces churn with targeted messages
Switzerland’s largest cable network operator broadcasts to 1.6 million homes. With an IBM solution, the company was able to proactively address service issues, reducing customer churn by 17 percent.

Life events connect to banking services
ING, one of Europe’s largest financial institutions, delivers a relevant dialog with its customers across all channels, so that its products and services meet customers' changing needs.

J. J. Keller & Associates
personalizes the B2B online buying experience, growing average conversion rates by over 13%.

Cultivating ecommerce
IBM helped the Bishop Company move from a print to web-based catalog for their 2,500 landscaping products.