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Smarter retail

From recognition to research to reviews, the consumer is in control.

Mobile shopping solution for retail

The challenge

The new, connected consumer

Consumers demand the ability to shop however, whenever and wherever they prefer. Consumers want the right products to satisfy their needs, and if they can’t find it from one retailer they’ll simply go to the next. Consumers demand service and assortment. And they want to feel more personally connected to the brands they buy. The mobile shopping solution for retail from IBM can engage the customer at all points, from awareness and research, through purchasing and support.


The solution

Win over the customer with mobility

The innovative and instrumented mobile shopping solution can create a differentiated experience using interactive tools that put a wealth of information at customers’ fingertips. And although many still turn to the web, others now use smart phones when researching what to buy, and often where, before even entering a shop. Mobility offers an interconnected view of your customer, like shopper presence using digital sensors that can identify when one is in or near your store, triggering proactive and relevant communications. Once inside, shoppers use mobile shopping tools and applications to locate items on a store map, scan barcodes for product information and pay for items at self—or assisted—service checkout. The smarter in-store retail experience includes interaction, customer service and a more sensory experience not had when buying online or direct from a wholesaler. Don’t risk an abandoned customer, one who leaves a store empty-handed. Workforce productivity tools allow employees to be more efficient and knowledgeable, and intelligence gives you an eye on available merchandise to improve conversion rates, basket size and inventory management.


The benefits

The smarter consumer is on the go

With nearly five billion subscribers worldwide, mobile phones are becoming a pervasive consumer touch point and changing the way customers interact with retailers. Mobile devices are also becoming an essential tool for accessing the internet. Mobility is already enabling consumers to bridge the physical and digital shopping experiences. To capitalize on this opportunity, you need to identify how the unique characteristics of mobility can add value to your customers throughout the shopping process.


The specifics

Mobility re-defines the shopping experience

Enable your customers to use their mobile devices to share product information available outside and within stores including price, ratings and reviews, and recommendations for related items or bundles. They can call or text a friend for advice, send a picture of the product or make a list of items to purchase with more detailed notes like where goods are located and availability. Store locators can bring clients to your store with digital coupons stored in a mobile wallet.

Advanced mobility adds even more customer value to the shopping process, allowing shoppers to:

  • Obtain instant access to information about the products you sell, anywhere and at anytime.
  • Interact with your retail center through their mobile devices.
  • Receive relevant offers based on proximity, presence, preferences and behavior.