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Multi-channel workbench and analytics for retail

The challenge

Manage customers with insights, not intuition

Customers interact with retailers through an array of channels—including the web, stores or kiosks, or over the phone. Marketers and merchandisers must correlate interactions across multiple channels to gain a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences. Retailers need to target customers with relevant messages delivered through the correct channels—backed by a merchandising strategy that ensures products and services are available to meet resulting customer demand. And as the number of marketing and retail channels proliferate and customer behavior trends rapidly evolve, retailers need to be agile and nimble so they can keep up with all these changes.


The solution

A dashboard to help make retail smarter

The multi-channel workbench and analytics solution for retail from IBM delivers fast insight into cross-channel customer transactions, sales, promotions, channel performance, post-sale support, and order management using multi-channel metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). The solution is instrumented, bringing together transactional metrics such as sales, profit, spend and basket-value, along with channel performance metrics such as web analytics, store and catalog performance for true, intelligent, cross-channel visibility. It combines IBM retail industry consulting, business intelligence and performance management expertise, along with supporting accelerators, templates and infrastructure components to deliver smarter business decisions through deeper analysis of the cross-channel behavior of customers and suppliers, as well as product and channel performance.


The benefits

Target, track, influence and improve

The multi-channel workbench and analytics solution provides insight into customer behaviors across all channels to uncover new ways to target, track, influence, guide and improve your customer interactions. The benefits of the solution include:


The specifics

Components of the solution

Elements of the multi-channel workbench and analytics solution can include: