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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Data governance for healthcare

Data integrity is critical to smarter healthcare operations. The delivery of patient care, member management and organizational efficiency require consistent, accurate views of data. Data governance can help improve data quality, security, compliance and intelligence. IBM can help you discover your governance requirements.

Enterprise health analytics for healthcare providers

Create knowledge, insight and intelligence to drive value for your healthcare organization. Achieve enhanced quality and outcomes. Improve transparency and quality reporting. Predict and prevent disease. Enable better data-driven decisions. Increase efficiency. All with intelligent insights uncovered using enterprise health analytics solutions from IBM.

IBM Business Analytics software for healthcare

As the healthcare industry enters an era of transformation, healthcare organizations and sponsors across the care continuum rely on IBM® Business Analytics software to turn data into actionable information. With IBM software they can identify and leverage core competencies, promote productivity, and constantly improve, measure and monitor quality.

Healthcare asset management

Maximize patient-centered care and manage a sophisticated mix of computerized devices, tools and equipment, systems and technologies with a smart approach to healthcare asset management. Better asset availability, automation and information can help your hospital improve quality of care while meeting business demands.

Mobility and desktop virtualization solutions for healthcare organizations

Virtual desktop and mobility solutions, using cloud computing, can help you centralize a distributed client environment, safeguard data and applications, reduce the cost of maintaining desktop hardware and software and enhance business performance and flexibility.