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Smarter Government

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IBM Security Solutions for government

The challenge

Protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks

It takes only one adverse cyber event to threaten an organization’s entire ecosystem. Today’s cyber infrastructures are particularly challenging to secure as net-centric computing is far more complex than traditional IT infrastructures with more clearly defined borders and access points. Innovative new solutions are needed to help governments maintain cybersecurity while meeting today’s critical IT requirements. IBM Security Solutions for government provide the capabilities to help governments prevent and defend against internal and external cybersecurity attacks.


The solution

A multi-tier containment solution

We provide dashboards that allow an instrumented examination of your critical infrastructure through analytic visualization systems and security event viewers. A variety of technologies can be employed in this area, including business intelligence systems and mashup technologies that allow users to visualize and analyze combinations of data, and even create their own applications without changing code.

Our solutions enable your organization to take a more interconnected approach to the logging of security events such as administrator, privileged user and user interactions on a variety of devices, including network switches, routers, servers and firewalls. This data can be instrumental in understanding the effect of security attacks, access control events, and authorized and unauthorized changes to the system. Audit data can be combined with other data to provide a broader security operations perspective.

Intelligent mashup technologies enable the quick composition of situational applications at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional IT applications, enabling clients to “plug into” existing core internal enterprise information infrastructures. Advanced capabilities include security analytics, stream-based network security, and intrusion detection and prevention, including the ability to do deep content inspection both at the network and platform levels to detect the leakage of sensitive information.


The benefits

A holistic, integrated approach to IT governance

A fine-grained, multi-tiered strategy is the most effective way to meet the challenges of securing today's cyberstructures. IBM Security Solutions for government can help you:

  • Drive accountability at the process owner level to unlock domain expertise and ensure that policies are enforced consistently.
  • Incorporate critical information uncovered through key performance and process metrics.
  • Reduce complexity, eliminate duplication of efforts and demonstrate interdependencies between key business processes by sharing processes, risks and controls across business units.
  • Improve business agility through enhanced change management for organizational structures and business processes.

IBM is a trusted strategic partner, bringing research and development, and a multi-tiered strategy to meet your software governance, risk management and situational awareness goals.


The specifics

Secure your network with smarter components

IBM can provide the tools that help ensure the security and compliance of web applications throughout the software development lifecycle. We also offer automated source code analysis technology that provides precise details and remediation advice on software vulnerabilities, including coding errors, design flaws and policy violations. New middleware offerings provide the ability to perform analytics and forensics on high-bandwidth streams in an efficient and scalable fashion.

IBM automated provisioning, virtual machine security and cloud management solutions help customers effectively manage highly virtualized environments. And our security assets include advanced technologies for inspecting network traffic and analyzing information flows at carrier speeds. We also offer high-assurance platforms that enable reliable, security rich and automated data sharing at different assurance or classification levels. Our complete portfolio of assets is aimed at protecting data at rest and in transit over the network. This includes advanced multilevel security (MLS) information management and MLS Enterprise Service Bus technologies.