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Smarter Government

From the city council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway

Cyber security solutions

The challenge

Protect digital infrastructures and critical information

Government organizations today rely on vast amounts of information stored on computers and shared across collaborative networks. Whether personally identifiable data for social security, taxes or Medicare, or critical and sensitive information related to homeland security or national defense, internal and external threats are a reality. IBM has the experience to help governments become smarter about IT security and methods for identifying potential threats from perpetrators of cyber crime. IBM recognizes that it is critical for government networks and Web sites to be secured against a barrage of new and evolving sophisticated threats. That's why our network, Web and Internet security solutions are backed by world-leading research and development.


The solution

Take a smarter approach to cyber security

Our cyber security solutions provide an instrumented approach to protecting information assets, with software that scans and monitors systems and gathers the data you need to proactively detect and prevent threats and risks. With IBM's groundbreaking advanced analytics and identity resolution technology, government organizations can recognize who is on the other side of an unauthorized transaction, in real time.

Using entity analytic software solutions from IBM, data is then interconnected throughout the government enterprise, producing a continuous real-time repository of names, identities and relationships that is searchable and available to multiple agencies. This enables collaborative coordination and information sharing among national, state, provincial and local governments.

Our compliance insight manager offering provides an easy-to-use security compliance dashboard that summarizes billions of log files. This allows you to quickly gain an overview of your security compliance posture, understand user activities and security events in comparison to acceptable-use frameworks, and monitor privileged users and related security events.


The benefits

Build comprehensive coverage

We can offer government agencies a complete cyber security solution portfolio, protecting critical applications, data and processes throughout their life cycle through:


The specifics

Identify vulnerabilities. Mitigate risks.

We start with hardware systems—secure from the kernel out—then add software solutions for everything from access to compliance. We offer: