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Smarter Government

From the city council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway

Cloud computing for regional and local governments

The challenge

Need for economically viable computing solutions for local governments

Economic pressures are forcing regional and local governments to identify ways to reduce the costs and complexity of managing public services while increasing efficiency, security and transparency. To achieve this, you need cost-effective access to leading-edge systems and software, improved services and application integration, greater web-based constituent access and advanced data analysis capabilities.


The solution

Optimized local governance

IBM provides you with access to a low-cost shared cloud computing environment with an array of hardware, software and technical resources, helping reduce capital and operational costs. Our information sharing capabilities enable further cost savings, while virtually eliminating overhead and reducing errors. Our cloud platforms go beyond mere applications to integrate entire business services and include high levels of shared data management and advanced features to help you adopt new business models. In addition, our proven security framework supports all our cloud offerings, which are not only feature-rich but also aid comprehensive risk management. Our advanced analytics capabilities help you provide your end users with access to near real-time information, thereby aiding transparency and facilitating collaboration. Our data analysis techniques are insight-driven, providing the basis for operational control and strategic management. With our solutions, you can leverage a standardized view of community operations for sharing services and identifying operational best practices.


The benefits

Cost-effective management of IT and business processes

Our solutions help you optimize your business process management through a cloud computing option that enables effective governance for your organization. The solutions are designed to help you:


The specifics

Local government-specific integrated solution

IBM presents a suite of cloud-based solutions to help local governments and agencies manage their business processes cost effectively, through information sharing abilities, improved flexibility and security, and advanced analytics capabilities. Our solutions feature: