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How do you make crossing the street safer?

In addition to knowledge, you need a world of imagination to achieve smarter and sustainable solutions. Kids still have an open-minded view of the world and let their imagination run free. They believe everything is possible and don’t let anything limit or hold them back. That’s why IBM asked schoolchildren to look at today’s world. And to present new solutions to existing problems. Their original ideas are surprisingly smart. One compelling example is Aurora’s idea for making crossing the street a whole lot safer.

What is a smarter planet?

When we consider the world of tomorrow, we always wonder what can be done better today. It is up to all of us to rise to this challenge creatively. We must explore different directions, envision other possibilities and conceive new ideas. And come up with solutions that make the difference. Today there are dozens of examples of fantastic projects in which we work in collaboration with clients and partners to create a smarter planet. This yields huge benefits for society, the business community and for us personally.

Inspire Beyond Today's Technology

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Smarter Cities

Safe neighborhoods. Quality schools. Affordable housing.
Traffic that flows. It's all possible.

Public safety

The key to a city's quality of life is being managed in smarter ways