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Smarter Government

From the local town council to
international collaborations, new
ways of working are underway

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Cyber security solutions

Threats to the sensitive information your agency possesses can come from a variety of sources—malicious employees, hackers, and even organized terrorists or nation-states. Cyber security solutions from IBM can help you harness the power of technology to protect your critical Internet applications and data by preventing, detecting and responding to IT attacks caused by cyber crime.

Customs, immigration and border management

In today's world, effective identity management is paramount for customs, immigration and border management. IBM can deliver a smarter approach that enables quick and accurate identity information exchange, while also protecting the privacy of citizens' personal information.

Geographic information systems for government from IBM and ESRI

Enhance asset management with a holistic view of assets and their locations. Improve public safety and emergency response. Better manage water and land resources. Geographic information systems (GIS) for government from IBM and ESRI are designed to collect, manage and analyze geospatial data to help you address modern governing challenges.

Performance management for government

Governments face more challenges than ever when delivering high-quality service for the best value. Tighter budgets. Greater demand for services. Asset maintenance. Ever increasing data. The answer: smarter performance management from IBM.

Public safety

Effective public safety depends on collaboration and reliable communications. Public safety solutions from IBM create a reliable way to keep all agencies in touch, whether securing people, data, property and infrastructure; solving crimes; or dealing with natural or man-made disasters.

Tactical data links for defense

Military operations rely on rapid exchanges of accurate tactical information. But the complexity of defense coalitions and information exchange requirements is on the rise. The tactical data links solution for defense can enable friendly units such as ships, submarines, aircraft and land-based units to safely communicate.