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Smarter Government

From the local town council to
international collaborations, new
ways of working are underway

The Smarter States of America

When governors from across the United States gathered in Boston for their 2010 annual meeting, healthcare reform and economic issues dominated the agenda. IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano gave the keynote address, outlining examples of states who were implementing smarter healthcare, social services, public safety and education systems.



Government 2020

This new awareness and collaboration doesn't occur merely by chance or even always by choice. Just as often, it's mandated by necessity.

In its report "Government 2020," the IBM Institute for Business Value identified six worldwide forces that were at work, driving such changes for government at every level. Together, these six forces represent a mix of opportunities and threats. Yet as universal as they are, they require unique responses suited to each nation, region or locality.

Six drivers of governmental change on a smart planet: Changing demographics; Accelerating globalization; Rising enviromental concerns; Evolving societal relationships; Growing threats to stability and order; Expanding impact of technology.



Customs 2015
Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of customs operations on a smarter planet

Improved security and revenue through world trade

To share data more effectively, smarter governments are participating in new kinds of collaboration and partnership up and down the different strata of government, and even across borders and around the world.

Six drivers. of governmental change on a smarter planet.Changing demographics.Acceleratiing globalization.Rising environmental concerns .EVOlving societal relationships.Growing threats to stability and order.EXpanding impact of technology


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