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Apply new analytic tools to reveal new opportunities

In this age of big data, organizations must be able to fully exploit all sources of data and content for insight. Executives need to make decisions based not only on operational data and customer demographics, but also on customer feedback, details in contracts and agreements, and other types of unstructured data or content. How can you manage all of this data, and give executives access to the visually compelling information they need to make timely, informed decisions?

Smarter Analytics can help you expand from enterprise data to big data with an enterprise-class big data platform that is part of a comprehensive information management foundation. Smarter Analytics also includes software and tools for business analytics, such as predictive analytics, social media analytics, text analytics, business intelligence and other analytics applications.



Accelerate delivery of pervasive analytics with a big data platform

90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone

Your infrastructure must support, secure and provide efficient access to big data—without adding complexity. But for many organizations, data is dispersed throughout the business in fragmented systems. Existing systems struggle to manage the complexity of new data sources, such as streaming data and video content. And information is not trusted.

Deploying an information and big data strategy that flows directly from your business strategy can help you optimize the outcomes that matter to your organization. Integrating data throughout the business and establishing clear information governance processes can increase confidence in your data.

You can manage the volume, velocity and variety of information—both internal and external—to uncover new, deeper insights that can help create competitive advantage.



Use predictive analytics to identify and respond to new opportunities

The ROI of business analytics solutions that incorporate predictive analytics is about 250%

Decision makers need to be able to spot and analyze trends, patterns and anomalies. Plan, budget and forecast resources. Compare what-if scenarios. Predict threats and opportunities. Identify, measure and manage risk exposure. IT systems and software must support these efforts.

Predictive analytics, powered by IBM SPSS software, makes it possible to use all of your data—whether structured or unstructured—to build predictive models. When you can see emerging trends and patterns hidden deep within the data, your company can make the most effective decisions.

Social media applications, such as IBM Cognos Consumer Insight, make it possible to analyze customer sentiment, product and brand associations, and emerging topics related to your organization or market.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) capabilities are expanding beyond reporting, analyzing and creating dashboards and scorecards. BI practitioners must also plan and perform scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Managers want the ability to do their own analysis and visualize the data in real time. They want to connect the predictive analytics and social media analytics with traditional BI reports and dashboards to gain a full view of the business, customers, competitors and the marketplace.



Improve decision making with content analytics

80% of organizational data is unstructured

About 80% of the information created and used by an enterprise is unstructured data located in content. This figure is growing at twice the rate of structured data. How can you access that 80% to unlock critical business insight?

IBM Content and Predictive Analytics software gives you the ability to analyze this unstructured data. You can search, assess and extract meaning from large volumes of information found in emails, documents, chat logs and other unstructured data. And decision makers can use these insights to make faster, more informed decisions.

Seton Healthcare Family is using IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare to provide deep content analysis and evidence-based reasoning for better decision making. This enables the hospital to identify patients who are likely to be readmitted, and introduce early interventions to reduce cost and mortality rates, and improve patient quality of life.



IBM was recently named a Leader and the highest ranked vendor on “Completeness of Vision" in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. IBM´s holistic approach to business intelligence throughout your organization. In fact, IBM Global Business Services received a "Strong Positive" rating in a Gartner´s recent MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Services.



IBM has the world's largest math department in private industry focused on solving business challenges since 1960

10,000 technical professionals

IBM has more than 10,000 technical professionals around the world

600 analytics patents

IBM earns nearly 600 analytics patents per year and has been the leader in patent ranking for 19 years


IBM is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools and Data Integration Tools

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