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Welcome to the decade of smart

The planet has grown a central nervous system

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IBM Whiteboard Series: the big picture
When people ask, what does IBM actually do, the answer is as straightforward as it is dramatic. IBM helps solve the problems that keep CEOs awake at night. Download ‘the big picture’ infographic to see how.

Download the PDF

Download the PDF

Welcome to the decade of smart
One year of change for the smarter...and
the challenges ahead

A mandate for change is a mandate for smart
The original Smarter Planet essay, November 2008

Let's build a smarter planet
A collection of 21 essays


A series of conversations for a smarter planet. Welcome to the decade of smart.

Change for smart’s sake

The list of problems is well-known: A financial crisis. Climate disruption. Energy geopolitics. Food supply hazards. What they show is that we're all connected, today like never before: economically, socially and technically. When a crisis occurs on one part of the planet, it can bring problems to another part, within days or even hours.

Yet this challenge is also an opportunity, and now is the time to seize it. People around the world are ready for change. And the planet is ready for it, too. Today, we are seeing the infusion of intelligence into the way the world literally works—the systems and processes that enable...

How we’re getting there

Three things have brought this about:

Why get smarter?

Because we can: the technology is both available and affordable. Because we must: the shocks we've seen to so many systems show that the current approaches aren't sustainable. And because we want to. IBM is starting a conversation with the world because we think now is the time to make these changes for the better.