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Smarter Healthcare

To build a smarter system, healthcare solutions need to be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent

The new communications solution has literally transformed our operations.Our staff wonders how we used to function without it , and our residents are absolutely thrilled. Susan Schleigh President,EIM Federal Division

Better help at home

The Victoria Order of Nurses (VON) is Canada's largest, national, not-for-profit home and community care organisation. IBM will provide VON with new business processes and clinical technologies, including mobile wireless hand-held devices. The system will help hundreds of home healthcare providers:

I'm here to help

Anita Malhotra

Anita Malhotra

Industry Leadership - Business Development Specialist


Data in the hands of the individual

For more than a decade Google has been a worldwide healthcare information resource. The partnership even lets users import records and prescription histories from hospitals, labs and pharmacies.
For example:


What is a PHR and what is an EHR

The personal health record (PHR) is an electronic, universally available, lifelong resource of health information used by individuals to make health decisions.

An electronic health record (EHR) refers to an individual's medical record in digital format. Electronic health record systems coordinate the storage and retrieval of individual records.