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Smarter Government

Supporting Australian governments to do more with less, whilst also improving citizen services, building intelligent transport systems, strengthening national security, improving public safety and managing resources more effectively.

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  • Jennifer Moxon

    Jennifer Moxon

    Vice President, ANZ Public Sector

  • David Watt

    David Watt

    Business Development Executive, Public Sector

  • Michael Clifford

    Michael Clifford

    Managing Director, Defence

  • Reuben Bettle

    Reuben Bettle

    Client Executive, DHS

  • Peter Munro

    Peter Munro

    Global Business Services Partner, Defence

  • David Robertson

    David Robertson

    Global Business Services Partner, Tax and Revenue

  • Neil Cherry

    Neil Cherry

    Global Business Services Partner, Public Sector

  • Catherine Caruana-McManus

    Catherine Caruana-McManus

    ANZ Smarter Planet and Cities Executive

  • John Hawkins

    John Hawkins

    ANZ Smarter Transport Leader

  • Shalome Doran

    Shalome Doran

    ANZ Smarter Cities Leader

  • Brian Lee-Archer

    Brian Lee-Archer

    Social Programs, Market Strategy Executive, IBM Cúram Research Institute