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Education for a Smarter Planet

Cloud computing, virtualisation and student data analytics can make our systems smarter

IBM Business Analytics software for education

The challenge


Although the cost of education rose 42% from 1995 to 2004, we have seen no echo in student ability. Students fall behind and drop out, yet officials lack the data to spot the at-risk cases. Paper processes, siloed systems and redundant administrations: all waste precious resources and block access to the real-time information that could provide insight. With better education linked to economic growth, smarter systems need to be part of a long-term strategy.


The solution

Education analytics

Many education organisations are using analytics to find ways to deliver better education more efficiently. They are connecting data systems and tracking student marks, mobility, attendance and behavior. They are following instructor and curriculum performance, funding sources and spending against goals. They are able to spot troubling trends early and take action, and align daily activity with common goals. A broad viewer of information across silos provides the new intelligence needed to make education truly effective.

IBM® Business Analytics software enables education organisations bring data together across organisational boundaries to manage academic, financial and operational performance. The Cognos enterprise planning, consolidation and business intelligence platform provides capabilities such as reporting, analytics, dashboards, planning and scorecards that help institutions, schools, boards, districts and departments build an interconnected and intelligent system for managing all aspects of education.


The benefits


By connecting academic, operational and financial data and coupling it with the right reporting and analysis capabilities, education organisations can:

  • Track student performance across institution, cohort, course and more.
  • Monitor attendance, mobility and intervention patterns and take remedial action.
  • Analyse instructor development and curriculum effectiveness at any level.
  • Manage fundraising, advancement and alumni relations.
  • Measure effectiveness of spending against results and report to stakeholders.


The specifics

Education performance management

With IBM analytics software, education organisations can begin the journey to an information-led transformation by implementing one or all of the following products:

  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence combines organisational data into a single, seamless source of information for reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecards.
  • IBM Cognos TM1 provides planning, budgeting, reporting and analytics.
  • IBM Cognos Analytic Applications provide packaged line-of-business reporting and analysis to speed implementation.
  • IBM Cognos Performance Blueprints are free quick start models that speed deployment and drive faster ROI in such areas as enrollment and tuition planning, and salary planning and position control.

Read more about performance management for higher education and primary & secondary education with IBM Cognos software. For demos, white papers, and more please visit



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