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Smarter Money

The way our planet manages its money needs to get a whole lot smarter - and now it can.

Banking Highlights

Banking on the Future

In a competitive landscape that favours the fastest and the smartest, financial services firms that invest in building sophisticated insight and predictive analytics will be better positioned to emerge as market leaders.

Forward thinking banks will use this strategic insight driver to:

Core Banking Modernisation

The complexity of core banking systems inhibits the ability of the business to adapt to change. Simplifying and modernising legacy core banking systems is not a matter of addressing IT cost and efficiency. Rather, the sustainability of the business is at stake. IBM sees three key imperatives during a need to address core banking systems today:


A Private Audience with Nick Leeson – the Man who Brought Down Barings Bank

FST Media and IBM hosted an exclusive luncheon with Nick Leeson – the man who single-handedly bankrupted the London-based Barings Bank in 1995 – and Chief Risk Officers (CROs) and Divisional Head of Operational, IT and Risk from Australia’s banks and insurance companies. Leeson shared his personal story and critical insights on the safeguards and practices needed for an increasingly-globalised fraud landscape.

Key issues discussed included the developments in implementing sound managerial, financial and operational systems and processes to avoid financial management; emerging trends and disruptions transforming the risk environment; and the evolving role of technology in mitigating risks.


Australia’s Digital Future to 2050

The Digital Futures report details the key findings of Phil Ruthven’s research looking ahead to predict the shape of Australia’s digital future to 2050. Commissioned by IBM, it is the first report in the world to rate a nation's entire list of industry classes against the impact of the new utility.

This report was shared with a select group of financial services executives. The discussion focused on the impact on the financial services sector, during an exclusive roundtable luncheon.


50%. Percentage of customers who would give their bank only two chances to fail before considering a change in banks. 25 billion. Global trading system are under extreme stress, handling billions of market data messages each day.


Chart: The percentage of respondents who anticipate regulatory changes within the next five years. Transparency requirements - 31%, Capital requirements - 22%, Global harmonization - 13%, Security - 11%, Retirement regulation - 11%, Conflicts of interests - 7%, Climate change - 4%, Other - 2%. IBM financial markets survey, 2009.

Toward transparency and sustainability: Building a new financial order

How will the financial markets industry make money in the future? The current financial crisis has exposed the problems with creating and exploiting "pockets of opacity" across the system. If the industry is to deliver sustainable returns, it will have to embrace change. It will need to begin by working with regulators to build a financial system that is stable while still allowing for healthy innovation. Individual firms will also have to specialise and learn to fulfill their brand promises.


Thought Leadership

Research, analysis and perspectives explore banking industry issues.



Success stories

The insurance industry is facing pressing issues: personal lines carriers are finding it difficult to sustain growth; consumers are increasingly choosing to less-profitable products; health insurers are facing the demands of an aging, empowered customer base; and commercial lines carriers are under intense competitive pressure from brokers for large, complex accounts and from shareholders expectations of improved returns.

We can help firms address these and other issues by identifying new, sustainable sources of value through modernising and integrating virtually every business process insurers use, both within and outside the organisation.


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Anita Malhotra

Anita Malhotra

Industry Leadership - Business Development Specialist