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Smarter Security and Resilience

An intelligent approach to risk management reveals opportunities for innovation


Security is the posture taken to protect people, assets, data and technology across an entire enterprise. Resilience is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions and to maintain continuous business operations.

How ready are you?

Where is your enterprise vulnerable? Do your risk management activities consist of quick responses to today’s threats, or do they actually help you better manage risk for the business?

Find out how your company measures up on core risk-management disciplines. The risk management self-assessment tool helps you gain an understanding of how thoroughly your organization is implementing the three core disciplines of mature risk management efforts:

  • Effective risk governance
  • Solid IT foundation
  • A culture of risk awareness

Business continuity and resiliency self-assessment tool.

71% Percentage of CIOs planing to make additional investments in risk management and compliance. Source: IBM Global CIO Study, The New Voice of CIO, 10 September 2009.

It's no longer enough to implement a costly infrastructure and set of tools to minimize the impact of risk and recover from disruptions. Security cannot solely be the job of regulators or a stand-alone corporate department. Organizations need to develop an intelligent business strategy that takes into account risk management. Businesses, cities, communities, government agencies and all of civil society share—and shape—our planet's critical systems.

Learn more in the IBM Global CIO Study, "The New Voice of the CIO"