Where to get fixes for SDK 1.4 32-bit for AIX

SDK 1.4 32-bit PTFs since 1.4.0 GA

APAR # Fullversion Java5.sdk fileset level Service refresh
IV44821 ca142ifx-20130618 -Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327 142 SR13 FP18
IV42062 ca142ifx-20130513
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327) 142 SR13 FP17
IV38122 ca142ifx-20130327
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327) 142 SR13 FP16
IV35560 ca142ifx-20130212
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327) 142 SR13 FP15
IV30525 ca142ifx-20121016
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327) SR13 FP14
IV25909 ca142ifx-20120724
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327) 142 SR13 FP13
IV20868 ca142ifx-20120328a
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20120327) 142 SR13 FP12
IV12044 ca142ifx-20111208
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20110628) 142 SR13 FP11
IV03667 ca142ifx-20110707
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20110628) 142 SR13 FP10
IZ99183 ca142ifx-20110418
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20110312) 142 SR13 FP9
IZ95246 ca142ifx-20110211
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20110211) 142 SR13FP8+PM31983
IZ90388 ca142ifx-20101121
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20101121) 142 SR13FP8
IZ85932 ca142ifix-20100918
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20100915) 142 SR13FP6
IZ78401 ca142ifix-20100705
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20100615) 142 SR13FP5
IZ70828 ca142ifix-20100215
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142ifx-20100113) 142 SR13FP4
IZ65489 ca142ifix-20091110
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20090909) 142 SR13FP3
IZ62265 ca142ifix-20090918
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20090909) 142 SR13FP2
IZ56705 ca142ifix-20090728
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20090310) 142 SR13FP1
IZ47402 ca142-20090307
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20090310) 142 SR13
IZ33546 ca142-20080923
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20080923) 142 SR12
IZ23124 ca142-20080515
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20080510) 142 SR11
IZ14148 ca142-20080122
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20080125) 142 SR10
IZ01176 ca142-20070708
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20070708) 142 SR9
IY96843 ca142-20070317
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20070322) 142 SR8
U810913 ca142-20061124
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20061124) 142 SR7
IY88395 ca142-20060824
(-Xj9 -version j9ap32142-20060824a) 142 SR6
IY84053 ca142-20060421 142 SR5
IY81443 ca142ifx-20060209 142 SR4 (repackaged)
IY77460 ca142-20060120 142 SR4 (bad)
IY75003 ca142-20050929a 142 SR3
IY72469 ca142-20050609 142 SR2
IY70052 ca142sr1aifx-20050413 N/A
IY68121 ca142sr1a-20050209 142 SR1a
IY66819 ca142ifx-20050119 142 SR1 + Java Plug-in security fix + another fix
IY65305 ca142ifx-20041203 142 SR1 + Java Plug-in security fix
(IY63490 for download)
ca142-20040917 142 SR1
IY54663 ca1420-20040626 N/A
(1.4.2 GA code)
IY64439 ca1411ifx-20041029a 1.4.1 SR 3 + fix for 78993
IY58351 ca1411ifx-20040810 1.4.1 SR 3
IY57421 ca1411sr2b-20040520 1.4.1 SR 2b
IY52685 ca1411-20040301 1.4.1 SR 2
IY48525 ca1411-20030930 1.4.1 SR 1
IY47536 ca141-20030703a N/A
IY46206 ca141-20030703 N/A
IY43555 ca141-20030522 N/A
IY40840 ca1401-20030211a N/A

All fixes are available separately from Fix Central by selecting these options:

Search for fixes using the APAR number shown in the table.

For a list of defects that have been fixed for this Java release, see Java 1.4.2 32-bit AIX defect fix list

Are fixes cumulative?

Typically, APARs are not cumulative, because each APAR corresponds to fixes for a subset of Java14 filesets. Different APARs can have different subsets of Java14 filesets. However, the individual Java14 filesets will contain cumulative fixes. Check the version.release.modification.fix (vrmf) number to compare fileset levels. For example, the fixes in fileset contain or supercede the fixes delivered in fileset and below.

How do I know if I have installed the latest code?

There are different ways to determine the level of code on your system:

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