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Management discussion
International Business Machines Corporation and Subsidiary Companies

Global Financing

Description of business

Global Financing is a reportable segment that is measured as if it were a standalone entity. Accordingly, the information presented in this section is consistent with this separate company view.

The mission of Global Financing is to generate a strong return on equity and to facilitate clients’ acquisition of IBM hardware, software and services.

Global Financing invests in financing assets, manages the associated risks, and leverages with debt, all with the objective of generating consistently strong returns on equity. The primary focus on IBM products and IBM clients mitigates the risks normally associated with a financing company. Global Financing has the benefit of both a deep knowledge of its client base and a clear insight into the products that are being leased. This combination allows Global Financing to effectively manage two of the major risks (credit and residual value) that are normally associated with financing.

Global Financing comprises three lines of business:

  • Client financing provides lease and loan financing to end users and internal clients for terms generally between two and seven years. Internal financing is predominantly in support of Global Services’ long-term client service contracts. Global Financing also factors a selected portion of the company’s accounts receivable, primarily for cash management purposes. All internal financing arrangements are at arm’s-length rates and are based upon market conditions.
  • Commercial financing provides primarily short-term inventory and accounts receivable financing to dealers and remarketers of IT products.
  • Remarketing sells and leases used equipment to new or existing clients both externally and internally. This equipment is primarily sourced from the conclusion of lease transactions. Externally-remarketed equipment revenue represents sales or leases to clients and resellers. Internally-remarketed equipment revenue primarily represents used equipment that is sold or leased internally to the System and Technology and Global Services segments.The System and Technology segment may also sell the equipment that it purchases from Global Financing to external clients.

In addition to the strength of the economy and its impact on corporate IT budgets, key drivers of Global Financing’s results are interest rates and originations. Interest rates directly impact Global Financing’s business by increasing or decreasing both financing revenue and the associated borrowing costs. Originations, which determine the asset base of Global Financing’s annuity-like business, are impacted by IBM’s non-Global Financing sales volumes and Global Financing’s participation rates. Participation rates are the propensity of IBM’s clients to finance their purchases through Global Financing in lieu of paying IBM up-front cash or financing through a third party.

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