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If your organization is using traditional threat intelligence management practices, you’ve already discovered they’re not sustainable in today’s cyber threat environment. The manual effort to maintain spreadsheets and emails puts a strain on your team. Worse, it doesn’t deliver the value you need from key data sources. Without strong, trusted intelligence, you’re unable to glean the insights you need to act swiftly against threats.


Enrich your threat analysis

Aggregate your incident detection and response using threat group profiles, malware analysis reports, malware detection rules, and threat activity insights extracted from near real-time threat intelligence.

Optimize threat intelligence detection and sharing

Automate threat intelligence from internal and external data sources through an ecosystem of security tool integrations and open-source intelligence (OSINT) feeds to help your team detect and share threat data faster.

Combine expertise with threat intelligence

Simplify threat intelligence management with security professionals who can design, build and operate an automated cyber threat platform that delivers up-to-the-minute threat data to help you stay ahead of attacks.

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Cyber threat management

Integrate offensive security services, managed security services, incident response,  AI and continuous improvement.

Security intelligence operations and consulting

Develop more maturity in your intelligence-driven operations. Our consultants can help assess your practices, design or optimize your security operations center with in-depth analysis and recommendations.

Incident response services

Improve cyber incident response preparedness and minimize the impact of breaches with an incident response retainer subscription.

Add-on threat intelligence services

To further develop your threat maturity, additional services can complement your core threat intelligence management.

  • Cyber threat intelligence program assessment: gap analysis, project roadmap, malicious activity report
  • X-Force strategic threat assessment: examine infection vectors, threat techniques and procedures
  • X-Force dark web analysis: targeted analysis to turn raw data into actionable information
  • Malware reverse engineering: discover cyber threat variants and put attacks into context

Los Angeles creates a first-of-its-kind cyber lab

To help protect the community in an increasingly digitized environment, the city of Los Angeles partnered with IBM® to create a cyber sharing group that makes it easy to report online criminal activity. By pooling threat intelligence from trusted contributors, data can be converted into meaningful knowledge and decisive action to prevent cybercrime.

Security platform for threat intelligence insights

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