How Workflow Management – Contributor SaaS works

Get better, rules-based process automation

IBM Engineering Workflow Management – Contributor SaaS includes templates for common processes such as SAFe®, Scrum, and formal project management to help guide and enforce processes that ensure predictable results. Because not all projects or organizations are the same, you can configure process rules to meet specific team, project or organizational needs.

Enhance collaboration with visibility into progress

By using customizable views and dashboards, you can access information about multiple projects such as news and events, current build status, work in progress, and requested changes. You can see what other teammates are working on and view their online status and availability.

Improve work item tracking

IBM Engineering Workflow Management – Contributor SaaS automatically creates and tracks the progress of individual work items according to the team process and project rules. It can send identified defects, enhancements and conversations to multiple teams and projects.

Establish a sandbox to explore in the cloud

IBM configures IBM Engineering Workflow Management in your single tenant secure environment, so you can develop without the initial upfront costs of traditional IT infrastructure. No hardware provisioning is needed to begin exploring new ideas. Subscribe for as short as one month and pay on a per user basis.

Technical details

Software requirements

You will need an internet browser and access to the internet.

Hardware requirements

Machines require at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent.