What can it do for your business?

It can be difficult to coordinate activities and collaborate among software development teams. IBM Engineering Workflow Management – Contributor SaaS is a software development team collaboration tool that can manage projects across many teams. It is designed for professional team members actively participating in a project. Each licensed user gains full read and write access for change management, report customization and planning. It also provides read-only access to requirements management, quality management, source code management (SCM), distributed SCM and build management.


Work smarter and faster together

Track, plan and collaborate with linked work items and tracing. Get strategic projects started faster by equipping developers with the necessary tools and capabilities

Collaborate from anywhere

Increase productivity with better project management – even when your teams are geographically distributed.

Get more visibility

Stay on top of project activities and team progress with multilevel dashboards and reporting features. Leverage task boards, product backlogs and burn down charts to communicate progress.

Accelerate time to value

Use the cloud to get up and running faster and focus on technological innovation. Agile, traditional and OpenUP development templates help you get projects started quickly using best practices.

Make the right decisions

Dashboards and analytics provide a single source of truth, so you can respond rapidly to both positive and negative indicators in projects. These also integrate with popular change management systems.

Features of Workflow Management - Contributor SaaS

  • Get better, rules-based process automation
  • Enhance collaboration with visibility into progress
  • Improve work item tracking
  • Establish a sandbox to explore in the cloud

Which option is right for you?

Professional Software as a Service

IBM Engineering Workflow Management Contributor SaaS Professional on a single tenant cloud HTTPS secure site. Subscription & Support included.

Enterprise Software as a Service

IBM Engineering Workflow Management Contributor SaaS Enterprise on a single tenant Virtual Private Cloud with IPSec VPN Tunnel. Subscription & Support included.

Perpetual License

IBM Engineering Workflow Management Contributor SaaS on-prem installation: Single authorized user and install license with 1 year of Subscription & Support.