Feature spotlights

Built-in integrations with multiple analytics applications

Get support for commercial applications include IBM® DataStage®, SAS applications running on SAS Grid Manager for Platform, MathWorks MATLAB and hundreds of other applications already integrated into IBM Spectrum® LSF®. The solution provides prepackaged connectors and integration recipes for popular open-source tools including Python, R, Apache Spark, Dask, and Jupyter Notebooks, along with leading machine learning frameworks for easy deployment.

Automated, application-aware cloud bursting

Take advantage of built-in cloud resource connectors and multicluster functionality for a more secure, seamless path to hybrid cloud computing. As a result, IT managers have increased flexibility to pursue new IT service delivery models with consolidated reporting, management dashboards, and policy and cost controls. Data management polices ensure that the required data is available in the cloud before provisioning computational resources, avoiding idleness while data is moved.

Advanced GPU-aware scheduling

Maximize the use of expensive GPU resources and support modern GPU-aware distributed deep learning frameworks. The solution automatically detects and configures NVIDIA GPUs, dramatically simplifying the administration of GPU servers. This, combined with NVIDIA GPU behavior monitoring, health and diagnostics, accounting, and process statistics, helps organizations get the most out of their accelerated computing infrastructure.

Automated workflows and calendar management

Automate complex businesses processes to speed and improve process reliability. Trigger flows automatically based on calendar expressions. Scheduling policies and priorities can also be automatically changed based on the day or time of the week.

Support for Docker and other container environments

Get out-of-the-box support for Docker, Singularity and Shifter to enable containerized and non-containerized workloads and workflows to coexist within the grid.

Integrated reporting and dashboards

Simplify troubleshooting to solve problems faster with customizable dashboards and tailored reports. Employ usage-based reporting for capacity planning and chargeback management.

Industry-leading IBM Spectrum LSF capabilities

Leverage the comprehensive functionality of the IBM Spectrum LSF family, combined with integrations for popular open-source analytics packages.