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Trusted for more than 120 years, RED BOOK includes pricing information on over 300,000 prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, chemicals and medical devices and supplies – available on the web or in flat data files.

RED BOOK Online: View details (PDF, 949 KB)

RED BOOK Data files: View details (PDF, 843 KB)

How it's used

Calculate prescription pricing

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Calculate prescription pricing

Determine prescription prices using the average wholesale pricing (AWP) available in the online and data file versions of RED BOOK.

Identify effective alternatives

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Identify effective alternatives

Support generic substitution and formulary management by accessing codes and pricing information for drugs that share the same active ingredient, route, strength, dose form and therapeutic efficacy.

Research and compare prices

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Forecast, compare and research drug pricing

Build predictive pricing models, compare current and historical pricing, or conduct in-depth research by mining our historical pricing file spanning 50 years.

Facilitate claims processing

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Facilitate claims processing

Access consistent, standardized drug pricing, description and packaging information vetted by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs and RxNorm.

Why IBM Micromedex RED BOOK?


IBM Micromedex RED BOOK details

View available features and functions

Regular updates

Get the latest pricing with daily updates (excluding holidays and weekends).

Extensive pricing history

Access up to 50 years of pricing data.

Detailed information

View up to 100 detailed pricing fields and descriptions.

Easy search functionality

Search by product name, active ingredient, manufacturer and more.

Targeted result filters

Hone-in on what you need by specifying only active or deactivated drugs.

Custom lists

Easily track changes in pricing, group similar drugs and export data.

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