Quality assurance at scale

Scale quality assurance with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Edge

The IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Edge suite interacts with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection (MVI) to deploy AI vision models to edge devices at scale. MVI Edge can be connected to multiple cameras including specialized cameras, drones, cameras on vehicles. The MVI Edge dashboard allows users to manage and view inspections across multiple inspection points or multiple plants around the world. Users can create inspection rules that define whether the identified objects pass or fail inspections.

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Quality assurance for mobile

Amplify quality assurance with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile on iOS

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile is a native iOS/iPadOS mobile app designed to enhance the capabilities of IBM Maximo Visual Inspection by rapidly scaling visual inspections to achieve lightning-fast ROI. Simply download MVI Mobile from the AppStore to run automated visual inspections at fixed locations or in the field.

Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile delivers agility with point-and-click ease through the footprint of a mobile app while providing a real-time, AI-powered inspection. In a matter of hours, you can collect images from the mobile device to train complex computer vision models and deploy on the device to perform inferencing. The result is a dramatic improvement in production quality inspection and speed to help you discover defects in assets in the field.

Error proof your manufacturing process and stop defects at the point of installation

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Case studies

Automated visual inspection for sustainability

Melbourne Water used MVI to revolutionize and automate their stormwater management to combat extreme weather conditions.

Visual insights for quality

Ford transformed their factory floor using MVI to detect and correct automobile body part defects before vehicles moved down the line.

Drone inspection for asset maintenance

Sund and Baelt used visual inspection tools to streamline inspections, clarify predictive maintenance strategies and unlock new benefits.

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