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Hybrid cloud enabled Maximo Application Suite combined with the flexibility of AppPoints¹ based licensing:

Features Maximo Application Suite Maximo Application Suite as a Service Maximo Application Suite Managed Service
Management Model
Client Managed
SaaS - managed by IBM Site Reliability Engineering
Managed by IBM Site Reliability Engineering
Deployment Option
Supported cloud platforms
Red Hat Openshift - enabled platforms
AWS (Red Hat Openshift on AWS)
IBM Cloud
Perpetual, Subscription, Monthly
SaaS subscription based
Perpetual, Subscription, Monthly
Access to all Suite applications
Shared AppPoints
SaaS - based AppPoints
Shared AppPoints
System provisioning, maintenance, and upgrades
Client Managed
Fully customizable
UI and API driven
With approval

¹ AppPoint is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. An AppPoint is a common unit of value. Sufficient AppPoint entitlements must be obtained to cover the total number of entitlements required for Licensee’s Authorized Use of the Program.

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