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Getting started with this product

Guardium Insights announced on November 5, 2019. When does it become Generally Available?

Guardium Insights becomes generally available (GA) on December 17, 2019.

Are any other offerings needed to use Guardium Insights?

Insights supports Guardium Data Protection (GDP) and Database as a Service (DBaaS) environments. At GA, it supports GDP (v11.x) for Databases, GDP for Data Warehouses, and GPD for Big Data. For DBaaS, at GA Insights supports Amazon AWS Kinesis (PostgreSQL). Additional environments will be supported.

Does Guardium Insights have any prerequisites?

Yes. To deploy Guardium Insights, customers must first deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform v3.11.

Does Guardium Insights support multitenancy?

Yes, Guardium Insights is a multitenant environment.


How is Guardium Insights priced and sold?

Guardium Insights is priced on the Managed Activated Processor Core (MAPC) metric; it's the cores associated with the data sources being connected to Guardium Insights that are counted. For more information on pricing, please contact your IBM sales representative or business partner representative.


For Database-as-a-Service, can I stream my data security and compliance data directly into Guardium Insights?

Yes, customers can stream data directly from DBaaS sources right to the Guardium Insights hub.

What DBaaS sources does Guardium Insights support?

At GA, Guardium Insights supports AWS Kinesis PostreSQL. Additional DBaaS sources will be added soon.

Is Guardium Insights globalized and translated?

Guardium Insights is available in English only at GA. The offering will be globalized and translated as quickly as possible after GA.

Other common questions

What is IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security?

Guardium Insights is a hybrid cloud data security and compliance hub that helps customers improve visibility into data activity and risk, monitor and protect data more efficiently, enhance IT flexibility and reduce operational costs as they embrace modern business technologies.

What is the recommended environment needed to run Guardium Insights?

Specific environment requirements will vary based on the customer environment. On average, Guardium Insights, together with OpenShift Container Platform, will require the following: 40 cores, 72 GB RAM, 3 nodes.