Feature spotlights

Monitor across the hybrid cloud environment

Centralizes data from Guardium Data Protection's connected data warehouses, databases, big data platforms, and unstructured and z environments to support streamlining your data security architecture, monitoring and protection. Insights also supports monitoring and protecting data in DBaaS sources, so you can see and act on insights, across on-premises and cloud-hosted data stores.

Data security and audit reports

Centralized console for viewing data security and audit data pertaining to your on-prem and cloud hosted data, allows you to create fast, comprehensive data security & compliance reports & conduct near-real time activity monitoring to uncover hidden threats.

Long-term data security and compliance data retention

Store and enable access to years of data security and compliance data to support compliance requirements. Employ improved data security investigation tactics by applying advanced analytics to months' and years' worth of data security data to find hidden threats and anomalous user behavior patterns, and then take action to protect the business.

Flexible deployment

Modernize your data security environment with Guardium Insight's hybrid, multicloud architecture, which includes DB2 Warehouse and BigSQL as part of the architecture. The solution runs on RedHat OpenShift, allowing it to be deployed on-premise and in private and public cloud.

Advanced user activity and threat analytics

Leverage advanced analytics that can learn normal operations and then identify suspicious operations and potential fraud- or threat-related activities. Advanced analytics also support finding and alerting on anomalous activity related to databases, tables, and users.

Dynamic dashboard with risk-based views

Understand your data security and compliance position at-a-glance, and then click through to investigate and drill into the who, what, where, and why behind risks and issues. Risk-based views and prioritization, generated by our proprietary risk engine, help data security teams know where to focus to work more efficiently.

How customers use it

  • Image of team working to analyze security data.

    Centrally store and visualize security and compliance data


    You’re struggling to holistically assess your data security and compliance posture across your on-premises and cloud-based data sources.


    Guardium Insights can store years of historical security and compliance data, enabling you to create comprehensive data security and audit reports in seconds and apply data security analytics in a more meaningful way to identify threats.

  • Image of workers looking at reports provided by Guardium Insights' patented machine learning algorithms.

    Investigate risk across your entire landscape


    You're unsure how to prioritize and act on the onslaught of alerts being generated.


    Guardium Insights applies patented machine learning algorithms across data security and compliance data to quickly detect anomalous activity and automatically trigger risk-based alerts and guided next steps.

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    Accelerate your response


    Your IT security and Ops tools and workflows have become increasingly fragmented, resulting in data security and compliance gaps and stalled risk remediation actions.


    Guardium Insights unifies data security and compliance insights, allowing you to centrally apply data protection and take remediation steps across hybrid multicloud environments.

  • Person using a tablet to access the advanced analytics applied by Guardium Insights

    Apply advanced analytics to uncover issues and threats


    Because you can only store data security-related data for a few months at a time, and because you don't have predictive analytics, it's nearly impossible to identify long-term threats.


    Guardium Insights can apply new predictive, neural network analytics across long-term data, learning normal business process patterns and helping you spot threats almost as soon as they emerge.