Classify, extract and act on the data locked in your content

The IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer is a new cloud-based API web service. It's designed to work with the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business or any non-IBM content or process systems. Content Analyzer helps you rapidly accelerate extraction and classification of data in your documents — no matter what you’re using today. Content Analyzer can digitize, classify and extract unstructured document content using OCR and PDF text extraction. In addition, it can enable Watson™ and other AI technologies to reveal business insight from your documentation.


Streamline complex business processes with actionable data

Intelligent and flexible capture analysis

Use specialized services to classify and extract information from structured and unstructured documents.

Embedded in software applications via RESTful API

Extend the value of your current applications quickly with a simple API call, built on microservices.

Cloud-native application

It's designed, developed and delivered on the cloud as SaaS.

AI algorithms applied to your data

Get a more complete picture of the data held in your documentation and integrate it into your automation journey.

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Content Analyzer benefits

Speed up implementation

Get up and running in days. SaaS offers minimal installation and instant scalability.

Reduce labor

Dramatically reduce the time needed to understand and extract document data. Get more work done in less time.

Accelerated data output

Train many document types in minutes with just one sample. Content Analyzer looks at documents intelligently and critically, the way people do.

Decrease development costs

Design tools specifically for business users to minimize IT involvement.

Product resources

Add additional value to your current or existing IBM platforms

  • Complement with IBM Datacap to apply cloud capabilities and easily configurable ontologies.
  • Combine with RPA to automation processes in the cloud.
  • Integrate with Watson AI to apply complex machine learning algorithms.

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Add as a capture layer to your content or process systems

  • Use RESTful API to integrate Content Analyzer into your existing tools to add the benefits of intelligent capture and the scalability of the cloud.
  • Apply microservices architecture for low code integrations into your existing technology stack.
  • Extend the value of your current content management system.

Add for analysis of document data by data scientists

  • Understand your impact with easy extraction of key points from massive amounts of content for data science purposes.
  • Export a common JSON format across all document types into a data lake.
  • Apply analytics without pre-configuring or removing noise from data.

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