With Cognos® Analytics on Cloud you can purchase any number of Standard, Plus and Premium seats


Create beautiful dashboards and stories. Become an agent of change in your organization.


Standard capabilities


Unearth hidden insights and act to remove bias from your data. Use augmented-intelligence and visual-exploration tools. 


Plus capabilities


Create pixel-perfect, interactive reports. Share the details that underlie your data.

Comparison Table

  Standard Plus Premium Enterprise
Create powerful dashboards
Create animated stories
Connect to data sources
Capture and share visuals
Discover related data sources
Upload or connect to data
Explore data in plain language
Detect patterns and anomolies   
Perform predictive analysis   
Create pixel-perfect reports      
Control access based on roles         

Comparison Table

Deployment options
  Standard Plus Premium Enterprise
Hosted by IBM
Automated version updates
Host on your infrastructure         
Version update cycle control         
Dedicated, single tenant         
Pre-production provisioning         
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More about the Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition can be hosted by IBM or hosted on your own infrastructure.  If you host it, you can access all of the traditional Cognos tools, including Compatible Query Mode and Legacy Studios.

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IBM Financing for the Enterprise Edition

Manage your cash flow

Let IBM Global Financing help with loans and leases for software, services, systems and solutions.

Accelerate time to value

Get two to three times higher internal rate of return (IRR), with rates as low as 0 percent for 12 months.

Start your project today

Shorten payback period up to 20 percent, compared to up-front payment.